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Sightmark Laser Boresight .243 Winchester, Rechargeable

79.95 Euro


Sighting-in a new scope or need to double-check zero on your favorite weapon?
This Sightmark Laser Boresight provides an convenient and accurate method for sighting in all types of rifles significantly reducing wasted cartridges and shells.

Chamber the boresight like a regular cartridge and a red laser dot will project to show exactly where the rifle is aiming.
Simply adjust your sights or scope without firing a single shot, and save your extra ammo for the range or hunt.
Live fire is only needed to fine tune a weapon being sighted in order to compensate for inconsistencies, such as bullet drop due to distance.

Perfect for hunters, competitive shooters, and law enforcement officials, this laser boresight is sure to take the frustration out of sighting in almost any firearm.
It is easy to use and will quickly save both time and money by avoiding prolonged live fire tests at the range; use the extra ammo for honing those shooting skills and for the hunt.

Includes recharging dock, USB cable, a carrying pouch and instructions.
The lightweight carrying pouch protects the laser for convenient use in the field.

• Fast gun zeroing and sighting system
• Rechargeable.
• Auto activation.
• Pre-Calibrated for precision accuracy.
• Fine adjustment for true center.
• Durable brass construction.
• Reduces wasted ammunition.
• Compact and lightweight.
• Easy to pack and travel.
• Recharging dock, USB cable and carrying case included.

Product Information

  Brand   Sightmark
  Model   Rifle Laser Boresight
  Caliber   .243 Winchester
    .308 Winchester
  LED Type   Visible Red Laser
  Range for Sighting   14 up to 91 meters
  Dot Size at 91 meters   51 mm
  Power   < 1 mW
  Laser Wavelength   632 - 650 nm
  Operating Temperature   -10 up to +50 Degrees Celsius
  Operation   Auto Activation
  Battery Type   Internal, Rechargeable, Recharge Time 1 hour
  Battery Life   1 Hour


Laser may cause eye injury.

• Avoid looking directly into laser.
• Avoid shining into reflective surfaces.
• Avoid shining onto any person’s or animal’s eyes.
• Avoid strong bumps, blows or impacts to the device.
• Always unload your rifle or handgun before sighting.


Carefully place the boresight into the chamber of the rifle and slowly close the bolt.
After closing the bolt, the boresight will activate automatically.

Locate a target 20 to 30 meters away on which the laser can be clearly seen.
The laser point is the theoretical point of impact.
Adjust the windage and elevation of the scope or sight onto the laser point.
When ready remove the boresight from the chamber. The boresight will shut-down automatically.
Store the boresight and instructions in the protective carrying pouch.

Theoretically, when sighting in at 25 meters, the shot will be within 10 centimeter of the bullseye at 100 meters.
Adjust the scope or rifle for the change in distance according to the scope, ammunition and rifle manufacturer’s instructions.


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